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Kundalini Yoga


Dear Friends,

From October 11th 2013 we start with Kundalini Yoga. Regular classes will be held every Friday morning. On September 22nd 2013 from 11am  as a part of Sunday meetinsg with the therapists, you can try session of Kundalini Yoga for free and sign up for the course.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science that combines exercise, breathing, meditation and sound. The combination of these techniques helps to relax, strengthen and heal the body, mind and spirit. Kundalini Yoga is designed for individuals and whole families who live and work in today's fast-paced society full of stress. This yoga will help you to have clear mind, vitality and healthy life through self-discovery of your limitless creative potential, or the Kundalini, how it is called, which lies dormant in all of us.

What does Kundalini Yoga

It gives energy and vitality, helps to relax the mind & body
It releases stress, habits, depression & insomnia
Helps back pain, sexual disfunction & neurosis
Strengthens the immune and nervous system
Balances metabolism, digestion (weight control)
Increases circulation and purifies the blood
It strengthens the muscles and gives flexibility
Physical and mental anti-aging effects

Regardless of age and physical condition you can benefit from the effects of this sacred science. After the first exercise you can feel the effects of yoga - a sense of health, well-being and happiness. Regular exercise you will get to know more of yourselves, your abilities, you will become more enjoyable and more vibrant with a sense of youthfulness.

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