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Full body oil massage

1 670 CZK 120 min, 1450 CZK 90 min, 1290 CZK 60 min (without water bath)
Full body massage with herbal oil has a positive effect on the flexibility and loosening the joints, pain relief in the body, among other things, cleansing the skin. The procedure ends with relaxation in a herbal water bath.

Pouring of warm oil over the body

1 720 CZK 120 min, 1550 CZK 90 min
This is a procedure in which the body is poured and simultaneously massaged with plenty of warm oil. This  is to rejuvenate and refresh the skin, to support the nervous system, soothe and deep nourish the entire body. It is particularly suitable for the exhaustion of the organism, and in cold weather. The procedure ends with relaxation in a herbal water bath.

Herbal water bath

350 CZK 15 min
Herbal water bath full of plant extracts and herbal essences. Accompanying relaxing experience to other procedures.

Stream of warm oil over the head

1350 CZK 90 min
This procedure begins with a neck massage, face, and then a steady flow of warm oil touches the head mainly in the forehead and temples. It works on most of the challenges in the head. Clears sinuses, soothes the distracted mind, helps with insomnia, stress, exhaustion of nervous system and with some hormonal challenges. It helps improving the memory and hearing,and leads to a deep calming and strengthening of the entire body. On the subtle spheres it has a positive effect on the opening deeper realms of intuition and inner vision. The procedure ends with oiling of the entire body.

Rejuvenating face and neck massage

670 CZK 30 min, 1 090 CZK 60 min

Ayurvedic aromatherapy for the whole body

1 490 CZK 90 min, 1 820 CZK 120 min
Deeply relaxing and nourishing massage with aromatic oils and balms according to Ayurvedic typology. It consists of a full body massage, face, head, followed by the wraps of hands and feet. The procedure ends with relaxation in a herbal water bath. It nourishes, softens and scents the skin all over the body. The 120 min version is starts from the scented body scrub with Himalayan salt, which removes old skin and prepares the body to better absorb the precious oils.


1 350 CZK 60 min
Medical massage of the entire body via soft techniques, balling, soft mobilization by MD. Lewit and Moses. It is also an exercise by MD. Vojta method or McKenzie.

Stabilization therapy

1030 CZK for the introduction hour  (75min), 5 sessions CZK 4950,  10 sessions + 1 free - 9900 CZK
Preventing back and neck pain - stabilization of the spine, proper breathing stereotype, toning abdominal muscles and adjustment of nutritional formulas.


Hawaiian massage Lomi Ka'alele'au

1 200 CZK 60 min, 1 560 CZK 90min, 1 980 CZK 120 min
Hawaiian massage Lomi Ka'alele'au is a body treatment, based on universal principles and ancient meditation in motion of Ka'alele'au. It is a dynamic restructuring process during which occur changes of old and dysfunctional patterns. Through Ka'alele'au evolve most touches that enhance and restore the cellular communication, synchronized breathing and heart rate. The aim is the condition where the pathway to the genetic memory and wisdom of the body remained open and passable. It is a transformative work, affecting all aspects of an individual - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body, past memories, future, line of ancestors, thanks to which we are who we are.

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